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Global Challenges

The openReactor Framework

It consists of a cloud-on plant and a data warehouse. The data warehouse stores data from different data sources coming from QC, LIMS as well as OPC UA, MQTT, Websocket.

The cloud-on plant manages the process data acquisition with device calibration, management and recovery. All data are structured in a semantic ontology.

The GPU optimized dynamic simulator requests the bunch of data and calculates the optimal process parameters according to your product aims.

openReactor Cloud On Plant

Our expertise is your success

While researching and developing process, we generating enduring process knowledge. We use this process understanding to develop an adaptive process control or recommendation system.

For you we develop an economic production process in a GMP regulated area for your customers.

openReactor Cloud On Plant
Process Virtualization Technology - openReactor Framework

Long term data-analytics


Design of experiments


Core data-analytic disciplines


Process analytic technology


realtime simulation


Adaptive control
or recommendation

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